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Communicating effectively with others virtually requires us to engage and project confident presence....all while looking into a camera or a screen. Dealing with distractions and technology issues can make connecting more of a challenge.


What used to be a routine sales call, team meeting or difficult 1on1 chat is now a vastly different experience.


Help your team learn how to apply best practices in virtual communication so that they can be just as effective now, as they were before Covid-19.

The Program

Program Features:

  • ​Blend of on-demand (asynchronous) with Live Virtual Workshops (synchronous)

  • Social learning via private online platform

  • Participants apply methodology real time to relevant projects and receive peer and instructor feedback

Key Learning Outcomes​:

  • Practice communicating real life scenarios in a virtual setting

  • Build virtual presence with confident non-verbals

  • Improve video and audio virtual presenting set-up to increase audience impact


Length of Program:

  • Option 1 - One week

  • Option 2 - Two weeks

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