Online Courses
All courses blend On-Demand video learning with Virtual Coaching.

Learn at your own pace with short videos accessible on the device of your choice. Apply your learnings to your real life communication challenges with virtual collaboration opportunities.

For people who want to better sell their ideas.

In one month. With one partner. With feedback from JoAnn.


Each video is about 3 minutes in length plus exercises.  JoAnn will teach you how to increase your influence by putting your audience at the centre of every aspect of your communication.  You'll receive resources and strategies to put immediately into practice.  


To maximize the value of this course, do it alongside someone you trust.  Find a partner, a sounding board, someone to practice and progress with.  JoAnn will help your team stay on track with numerous  personal touch points along the way. 


Access lessons anywhere.  Spend approximately 30 minutes every two days, applying the lessons to your communication challenges.  You will become more influential

because you will be more intentional with your verbal and non-verbal communication. 

What People Are Saying

"This is not another communication programme. It will change your life. You will not communicate in the same way after working with JoAnn . She will help you to unlock the power of assertive language. Your confidence will skyrocket and you will use less words but you will say more."

Natalia Alvarez, PhD Storyteller, February 2020

"Thank you for helping me say what I want more confidently. My boss complimented me the other day and I know it's because of our work together."

Mariela Gonzalez, Business Manager Prosthodontic Associates, August 2019

JoAnn Lauterbach

In her first ever online course, sought after Communication Specialist JoAnn Lauterbach shares her communication approach honed over 10 years of building more influential professionals across Canada, the USA, Europe, and the Caribbean. Her ability to connect and provide meaningful feedback propels her clients to make lasting transformations.

Course Content

Lesson 1:  Intro, accountability partner and goals submission

Lesson 2:  In order to move your audience, you first must know them

Lesson 3:  Let your objective drive your narrative

Lesson 4:  The medium alters the message. Choosing your communication channel

Lesson 5:  Determine what your audiences should FEEL, SEE, HEAR, KNOW & DO

Lesson 6:  Focus on FEEL: Identifying the emotions you want to tap in to

Lesson 7:  Focus on FEEL: Choosing your words wisely

Lesson 8:  Focus on FEEL: Telling stories 

Lesson 9:  Focus on SEE: Exhibiting strong presence

Lesson 10:  Focus on SEE: Expression, eye contact and body language

Lesson 11:  Focus on SEE: Managing nerves. It's about connection, not perfection

Lesson 12:  Focus on HEAR: Free yourself up to be yourself. Have voice!

Lesson 13:  Focus on KNOW & DO: Crafting strong messages

Lesson 14:  Focus on KNOW & DO: Prove it to us!

Lesson 15:  Conclusion and final exercise

Sessions run periodically during 2020 

To ensure quality connections with JoAnn, only 30 partnerships will be admitted each month.   

Communication is complicated.

Your approach shouldn't be.