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Scavenger Hunt - Omicron Holiday Edition

Yesterday, I could feel the tentacles of holiday blues creeping in as the latest lockdown restrictions were announced on the radio. I was driving to a special place in Toronto where I can walk freely among tropical plants and breathe in air filled with scents that have the power to transport me.

When I spotted this papaw tree I was overjoyed. It's such a gorgeous plant - the stem, leaves and fruit - all magical! This trip cost me nothing but a bit of imagination and effort, and the payout was immense. Under that tree, an idea came to me that was connected to something my friend Beat said a few days ago and it's connected to you too.

In a bi-weekly call with four friends, Beat said the key lesson he's learned in life comes down to knowing what you want. We discussed how that simple phrase is quite a challenge for a whole pile of reasons. For me, the only way I can be really clear on this is to take the time to deeply understand what makes me truly happy. Not what I think should make me happy, but rather, what actually makes me happy. Right now. Not when I was 22 or 32 or 42. But now, at 52.

What about you?

Are you clear on what you want and what makes you happy?

Now, as we approach 2022?



Those of you who've been with me for a while on this blog, know that I like to play just as much as I like to work and from time to time, I reach out with a game of sorts. Maybe like me, your holiday plans have morphed/are morphing thanks to Omicron. I reckon it's definitely time for another scavenger hunt so I'm sharing the idea I had under that tree with you to use and adapt as you are moved to. Before I do so, all shoe lovers on my list, here's a site that I believe Carrie Bradshaw would love.

Your Own Happiness Scavenger Hunt

Here's how it works:

  1. Sit down quietly with pen and paper in hand.

  2. Head it up: What Makes Me Happy Scavenger Hunt List and date it.

  3. List 10 to 12 actions you want to take over the next 10-12 days that will make your soul sing.

  4. Do one a day as you close out 2021 and make a note of what action you took and how you felt as you cross each item off your list.

Here are the opening items on my list.

What's on yours? If you want to connect during your scavenger hunt, use this link to select a good time for us to catch up and compare lists and notes. I wish you health and happiness this holiday season and beyond.


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