The rollercoaster

Who says you can’t __________________?

How do you fill in the blank?

I’ll tell you mine…. please tell me yours.

For the last 6 months or so I’ve been on a rollercoaster trying to bring a passion project of mine to life. At times I’m crackling with energy and overflowing with self-belief. I’m tingling with excitement (think: going up the steep part of the coaster) I reach the top and my vision is clear, I can see the path forward and I’m almost breathless in anticipation.

Then the plunge happens; uncertainty and fear descend on me. My insides are turned upside-down. My inner voice is screaming ‘You can’t make a difference in women’s lives, women who don’t even know you. You can’t help other women be more courageous. You think you’re qualified – where’s your degree in courage???”

So, who says I can’t do it?


I say I can’t.

I say I shouldn’t.

I say I’d be better off sticking to what I know for sure.

Perhaps it’s the same for you.

I’m flipping the script. I’m changing the words. I’m getting more comfortable.

Words count. Especially those we tell ourselves.

Who says I can’t do it?

No one. I can and I will do it.