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Virtual Workshops

Virtual training programs are customized for client teams. They are a blend of on-demand video learning and live instructor-led virtual Zoom sessions to put learnings into practice.


Learn how to speak more assertively by replacing minimizing language habits that are pervasive and preventable. Work with JoAnn privately or join a cohort of women and together break verbal habits that do not serve.

Listen to past attendees thoughts on why they enrolled and the impact the program had on them.

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This program teaches professionals to sell their ideas by putting their audience at the centre of all aspects of communication. 


"JoAnn, Thanks very much for the wonderful session yesterday.  The feedback from the team was very positive. I had several people approach me after the meeting to say how much they enjoyed it. I just scanned the evaluation forms and you got a unanimous 7 out 7 (on scale of 1 - 7) (in one case you got a 10 out of 7!)
In interactions with my colleagues following the session the “just” word has become great source of banter…I personally have been cutting out“Just” and “filler words” like mad! It was a real pleasure to work with you and hope we can continue on in the future."

Helen Kalra, Associate Managing Director, The Pangaea Group

"Thank you so much for your excellent presentation last night! Everyone loved your message and want to hear more! You really struck a chord with the crowd and the feedback I got from your talk was fantastic." 

Dr. Effie Habsha, BSc, DDS, Dip. Prosthodontics., MSc, FRCDC, Founder Women in Dentistry

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reasons you might need support

  • Want to master communicating across professional situations

  • Want to practice & receive objective professional feedback

  • Want your team to have relevant practical communication training that sticks

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