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Hi, I'm JO

 In 2015, with years of training thousands of people around the world, in companies large and small – helping people communicate better than they thought possible – the idea of blending all my years of Leadership Communication Training and Corporate Strategy into an agile space led me to note down some words on a page that epitomise my work.


On that page, VATE was born.


Because our words count.  

Because effective communication is fundamental to our wellbeing and our success. 
Because communication is a skill we can all master.

Above all, I believe when more of us communicate with clarity and confidence, more of us will thrive. 

What I do

I listen and observe, before guiding and coaching. 
My engagements are varied, and improving communication in different styles of organizations takes a flexible approach. 

For some, it’s about boosting communication skills. For others, it’s about strengthening their women’s voices, or developing a strategic communication plan.

How I work

At the intersection of Strategy and Communication, I plug myself into your team, extending your skillset into the comms space. Auditing your communication efforts is often a starting point to deeply understand your specific needs.


I run workshops and trainings, coach team members 1on1 to build their skills – all in alignment with your organization’s goals - addressing issues and refining solutions. Sometimes, a customised webinar for your staff is what's called for. Other times it’s individual coaching, or a custom in-house training program.


My approach is flexible and I let my client's needs determine our partnership.

Better Communication.

Better Results.


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