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Communication Coaching
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Leadership communication mastery isn't something you're born with or not. It's a skill that is yours to hone to increase your influence. Whether in person, in writing or in virtual situations. Here are common issues I've been working on lately with leaders and members of their leadership teams.

  • Engaging stakeholders better

  • Improving message clarity and persuasiveness

  • Saying more with less - getting more concise 

Schedule a free 15min consultation below to discuss the communication skills you'd love to build for yourself or your team. 

1on1 Support


3 Month Partnership

  • Six 60-minute virtual coaching sessions

  • Access to communication video resources

  • Delivery assessment and Development Plan for sustainability

Or co-create your own program with JoAnn to suit your specific timeline requirements.

What People are Saying

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi
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Dr Julie Paris
Paris Dentistry

I met JoAnn when I was faced with a challenge that required effective delivery of a message to my team, my patients and to myself.


I entered into a 6 month coaching program with JoAnn and have become a more effective leader of my team and communicator to my patients as a result.  


JoAnn was very easy to work with and after every session I left with a clear strategy on how to implement what we had worked on and the tools to manage what may come next.  


Thank-you JoAnn!

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Nadege Gousse
VP  Customer Service Quebec, LifeWorks

It took me a while to gather my thoughts and find the right words to describe how meaningful my experience with JoAnn has been.


Rarely do you meet people in life who are truly impactful in what they do but also who they are. JoAnn has brought me much more than I could have imagined when we first started working together.


Her skills and experience are tremendous but I strongly feel that her spectacular listening skills allow her to hear even what is unspoken. 


JoAnn, our work has been transformational and for that I am forever grateful.

RPV_2223 copy.JPG

Vikram Sarath 
Project Manager, BMO

JoAnn, Working with you has been one of the most transformative experiences of my professional life. Your program has not only enriched my personal growth but has also significantly contributed to my professional development, shaping me into a more confident and assertive individual.

I particularly appreciated your emphasis on leveraging emotions and honesty to navigate conversations effectively. It has allowed me to take charge of conversations, shaping them to achieve desired outcomes. 

Your warmth and kindness throughout the program made me feel like more than just a participant but a friend, and also significantly enhanced my learning experience. Your treasure trove of ideas and willingness to offer guidance have been truly inspiring.

Michael Fraser Speaker Gift Award

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Discover him to discover why I offer this coaching scholarship to one special person each year.

Starting in 2022, as a tribute to my late father, Michael Fraser, I gift 1on1 communication coaching to one special person each year. Who will be next in 2025?

MFSG award
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