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ELEVATE your Communication Program
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Great ideas don't sell themselves. We do. In town halls, in the meetings before the meetings, over Zoom calls, in formal pitches and impromptu chats. The ELEVATE program will teach team members to become more audience-centred whenever they communicate to achieve greater influence. 

Program Features:

  • ​Blend of on-demand (asynchronous) with Live Virtual Workshops (synchronous)

  • Social learning via private online platform

  • Participants apply methodology real time to relevant projects and receive peer and instructor feedback


Key Learning Outcomes​:

  • Strengthen ability to drive action with memorable message-driven communication

  • Streamline verbal communication

  • Build presence with confident non-verbals


Length of Program:

  • Three weeks including 3 hours of Live Virtual Workshops 


Thank you, JoAnn! We appreciated your time spent with us, and for providing the additional recap and materials.


I’m thrilled yesterday was such a success and that everyone participated and enjoyed the day! More importantly, I’m confident we each left the session with valuable perspective on becoming more effective communicators and how we can put these tools and coaching to great use in our day-to-day.

Farah Hadibhai
Finance Director, Proximo CANADA

April 2023

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