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Are you aware of the words you say?

Could you be self-minimizing?


Without realizing?

Instead of minimizing,

could you be maximizing?

Most of us don't realize the extent to which we're minimizing ourselves.


Take this 2 minute quiz to find out for yourself.

Minimizing language is prevalent, problematic and preventable. When you participate in a Cultivate your Assertiveness session you can expect:

  • to increase your awareness on this issue

  • to ponder the implications on your life

  • to explore what it means to speak assertively

  • support to make your words better reflect your worth

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4 ways to Cultivate
  1. Pop into a Virtual Monthly chat 

  2. Join a Program Cohort (twice/year)

  3. Take the Program Privately on your own when it suits you best.

  4. Book private coaching sessions when you need it with JoAnn

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Most common reasons cited by women who routinely minimize:

  • I'm afraid to be seen as strident or aggressive.

  • It feels polite and friendly.

  • I prefer to avoid conflict, I'm a people-pleaser.

Most common examples of minimizing language usage:

  • Justifying ideas with Just

  • Softening speech to not come off too strongly.

  • Qualifying yourself before expressing your well-thought through ideas.


3-week program with a blend of on-demand video lessons, and coaching support from JoAnn. Available in two ways: 

  • On-demand Private program

  • Join a Cohort of other women - twice yearly 


You'll receive:

  1. A process rooted in the science of breaking habits

  2. Worksheets to support your daily practice - about 15 minutes/day

  3. 1on1 coaching support from JoAnn

  4. Access your program when it suits you best.


Whether you join a cohort of women on CULTIVATE or you opt to do it on your own for more individual support from JoAnn, you'll get stronger and increase your comfort in expressing yourself more confidently in our dedicated private online space.

JoAnn workshops the concepts over Zoom to help you bring your learning into your real life challenges. Numerous personal touch points along the way will help you stay on track.


By the end of the program, you will understand the drivers of your habit, appreciate the impact your use of passive language has on others and you'll have started to embed stronger verbal habits that are more in line with who you are.

Click below to immediately get started on Cultivate Private On-Demand with JoAnn or register for Cohort 5 - January 2022.


"My #1 goal in taking this program was to make my life easier, and I have to say that indeed the course has made my life easier in a number of ways. I said things I’d never thought I’d say, and I managed to stand on my point and be more assertive way more times than I had anticipated.


I often got what I wanted/needed, and even more so I often didn’t get what I didn’t want/need. Huge achievement: I started to say “no”, politely, but no. I still get caught off guard sometimes and revert back to my old habits, but I’m confident it will get better with time."

Giulia,  L'Aquila, Italy

"Thank you JoAnn, this has been very helpful insightful and well thought-through. I loved the daily reminders to check in on new materials and I feel that this has helped to build a habit of being aware about the way I minimize myself and instead - choose other words and behavior."

Dorina Timbur, Leeds, UK

“This concept is so important and the way the content was structured really brought it all to life for me."

Louise Duncan, Auckland, NZ

“This program was a far greater eye-opener than I expected! It was impactful in many positive ways. The online content, virtual meetings and workbooks were very helpful and brought more awareness to even those slight moments when I use diminishing language. I had many "oh! I say that too!' realizations which surprised me because it had always been ingrained in my communication"

Jeannine Rothblott, Toronto, Canada

"This has been such an influential experience for me; I have more awareness of the language I (and others) are using and I can feel myself shifting a little more every day to language that demonstrates my confidence and capability. I can't recommend it enough!" 

SB Rawz, Southwest Virginia, USA

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"Build your confidence and brand in 3 weeks. If you think it can't be done, I'm here to tell you it can, you will, and I did. JoAnn outlines a specific curriculum, from identifying your habits and language choices, to taking manageable steps to change your word choices, to ultimately making you an assertive, respected individual and professional."

Monica,  Maryland, USA

"This is a great opportunity to reflect and take a moment to pause and see how it makes you feel."

Mayumi Matayoshi, Ivanhoe, Australia

"I would describe this program as eye-opening, helpful, and overall a wonderful program for those looking to strengthen communication. A life saver to someone like myself!"

Victoria Churchill , Michigan, USA

"A big thank you for your helping me to be more assertive. You have tremendously changed my relationships @work and most importantly with my daughter. I am now respected in my arguments and I was accepted to a participatory leadership programme @ my organization."

Nancy Dzokoto, Brussels , Belgium

Program Schedule

  1. Before We Begin - How to Break Habits 

  2. ZOOM Intro Session 

  3. Considering Covid's Impact and Raising Your Awareness  

  4. Your Personal Brand - How Do You Want Us to See You?

  5. Replacing Your Words and Practicing Everyday  

  6. ZOOM Mid-Way Session

  7. Dealing with Negative Self Talk and the Imposter Syndrome 

  8. Aligning Confident Words with Confident Virtual Presence  

  9. Making it Stick

  10. ZOOM Closing Session