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On Change, Cats & Cultivate

I've been thinking a lot about change. On one hand, it's the only constant. And yet, on the other, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Both adages resonate for me in all their contradictory glory. What about you?

Earlier this week, one of my oldest friends whatsapp'd me (is this a verb now?) the below screen grab which made me laugh in agreement. We became close friends in our early teens in High School. The more we change, the more we stay the same.


I'll be moving house in a month. Change is the only constant. While speaking to my new future landlord, she let me know that from time to time a cat might visit the terrace and would that be a problem? I smiled and assured her, it would be no problem at all, even though I'm not really into cats. Why the smile? Because the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The first apartment that I lived in alone, was a beautiful space in Kingston, Jamaica with the best neighbours I could ask for. They too had a cat that would visit. My neighbours, Susan and Winston became friends, in spite of the generation gap that separated us. Sadly, the fabulous Winston Stona, passed away about a month ago at 82, after leaving a rich legacy in the Jamaican Arts and Culinary scene. To see him play the Detective in the groundbreaking Jamaican film from the 70's, The Harder They Come, is pure joy.


Some of you may recall that I hosted open Zoom sessions in the height of Covid to talk Assertiveness. A woman who attended a few of them reached out this week to get details on the upcoming Open Enrollment CULTIVATE program starting on October 7th. I told her that it will be the final cohort of this type, so if she's ready to make the change, it's go time. Again, change is the only constant.

I explained that the program will be available from 2023 as a pure Online offering. At a lower price point for sure, and on-demand, but without personal touchpoints and coaching from me along the way.

So I'm letting you know too, in case you're also ready for the personalized help now to break free of minimizing. Consider this a Last Call.

The video below and the link are useful to reflect on your communication habits. Please go ahead and share this email with any woman you think needs to see this now.

Cheers to Change!


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