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Three is a Magic Number

If you spent long ago Saturday mornings in the 70's watching School House Rock like me, you know it's true!

Maybe, you came to it later, like when De La Soul sampled it brillantly in the late 80's. Or maybe you haven't got any idea what I'm talking about. Nevertheless, you know that grouping things in threes works. Whether it's the main points in your speech, the body of an essay, or your top three lists of whatever.

While walking this morning, I came across the leaf below which completed a trio that I hadn't known I was looking for. In each moment, I lingered on what was in front of me long enough to have the heart assert itself. I'm certain there are innumerable untaken shots like these that I failed to see. That I failed to appreciate. That I failed to act upon. No matter. I saw these and I took action. They are my top 3.

What about you? What's right in front of you, that could use your attention?

What will make three a magic number for you?


By the end of September?

By the end of 2021?

Email me, I'd love to hear your threes. For an extra bit of fabulousness, please include a nature shot from wherever you. Armchair travelling works wonders these days!


I've been summering this 2nd Covid summer very nicely and I hope you have too. I've thought deeply about the courage it takes to communicate with clarity and confidence. None of us do it right all the time, but all of us have the chance and the ability to find and use our VOICE. For the good of those around us and ourselves.

Only you will know when you are ready, and when you are, here's what I have coming up that you'll find helpful.

  1. September 2, 2021 - Let's Talk Assertiveness - Free Virtual Monthly Chat - Register here

  2. October 1-22, 2021 - Cohort 5 - Cultivate your Assertiveness - Register here

  3. Private 1on1 Cultivate your Assertiveness Program with me - Register here


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