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What happens when you remove the M?

I've been thinking a lot about what freedom means to me.

Which is more than likely, different, to what it means to you.

There was a time for me, it used to be along these lines, before that though, George gave us this, and before him, Bob preached this. But this post isn't about musicians' thoughts, it's about our own.

Yesterday, I read a short post by Austin Kleon that was so mind shifting that I was compelled to send it on to two good friends. They were similarly moved. So what's the shift? It's the result of removing one letter from one word. Changing from to for. Here's the part that arrested my attention.

Up until then the question is what you are freeing yourself from; the real question, however, as Nietzsche points out – and Lawrence repeats in his Nietzschean Study of Thomas Hardy – is free for what?

The real question.


What are you freeing yourself for?

What a powerful reframe.

That leads to a powerful refrain.

One that I asked and answered repeatedly on my morning walk while taking in this view on this magnificent day in Toronto.

Again, what are you freeing yourself for? I'd love to know, drop me a note, I'll keep it between us.


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