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“Ignore what others are thinking about you, because they aren’t.”

I love this Kevin Kelly rule from his post on The Technium. It made me laugh out loud. Initially, I thought he was going in the direction of, “What other people say about you isn’t any of your business.”


But no, he took it a step further.

A funnier, more in your face, get over yourself and get on with it, step further.

And I love it.

Being able to laugh at ourselves is seriously joyful.

Is there a better way to slay limiting self-talk than by calling BS on it?

Doubt it.

They aren’t studying me.

They’re likely studying themselves!

Yep. Sounds about right.

The next time I find myself wondering what “they” would think,

I vow to laugh and kick the thought to the curb.

I got ME to do

While THEY have them to do.

Artwork: Olivia Lauterbach

Think it through,

Trust yourself,

Then do,


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