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Men and Minimizing Language

Men minimize too.

There is research to suggest that both sexes minimize, to more or less the same extent. However, the research indicates that minimizing word choices don't appear to reflect as poorly on men. The Double Bind at play in another form. Men and women saying the same words, yet being perceived differently. This may go some way to explain a lack of consensus you may encounter when discussing the merits and pitfalls of using passive vs assertive word choices.

It's been a busy week for me on LinkedIn following the wonderful talk I had with Edwina Dunn, the Founder of The Female Lead. Of the hundreds of interesting and valuable interchanges I've had with people, I'm sharing one below because it highlights something important that didn't surface in our chat.

Men are important allies in the workplace, as captured in my final comment in that thread. Men can play an important role in embracing, encouraging and supporting the women around them communicate assertively. The video on The Female Lead has been shared extensively between women. I am so thrilled to know how much this topic is resonating with people across cultures. I'm including it here and I ask you to share it with men. Not only to raise their awareness on this issue but also to have conversations on this issue that affects us all.


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