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Reality Check

In the last few weeks, I've noticed a reoccurring issue that can best be summed up in the below quote.

I've experienced a number of these illusions over email, on Zoom calls and IRL face to face conversations. What about you? A few times, after the miscommunication became evident, hilarity ensued. Other times, missed opportunities and wasted time and effort. Either way; a reality check.

On reflection, it's not that surprising since the way we are communicating now has undergone a radical shift. Not only are we relying more on virtual communication, but we're all living in uncertainty and operating under varying levels of stress. When we add these Covid-induced factors to an already complex process, the result is an uptick in miscommunication.

To communicate with clarity, let's remember the wise words of George Bernard Shaw and follow these three steps to minimize the illusions.

  1. Clarify your communication objective before you choose your words.

  2. Share your beliefs clearly and transparently and be ready to substantiate them succinctly.

  3. Ask questions and listen deeply to uncover possible misconceptions.

As we slowly emerge from quarantine, and experiment to find our new reality, I will be looking to minimize the illusions. What aspects of your communication contribute most to your ability to achieve more transparent and effective conversations?


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