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What really is working?

In my last post, I wrote about redefining what stronger means to me as I quarantine through Covid-19. It occurred to me that there was another very obvious concept in that post that was undergoing an even bigger transformation. My actual work. I wrote that I'm not working much these days. On reflection, I realize that's far from the truth. To be honest, I am working more and I bet you are too.

I am working...

  • differently.

  • on different things.

  • in uncertain and stressful times.

  • on adapting.

  • on not losing the plot.

  • on helping others.

  • on not letting the urgent supersede the important.

  • on paying attention.

  • on finding inspiration.

  • on forming new good habits.

  • on embedding Covid insights into my life.

  • on connecting better virtually.

  • on learning new skills.

  • on cultivating harmony at home.

  • on better balancing my personal and professional needs.

  • on having more fun.

  • on figuring out how I want to work when Covid is behind us.

  • on strengthening my relationships.

There's a big difference between not working and not working the way we're accustomed to. Ask any new full-time stay-at-home parent or anyone currently juggling work and homeschooling their kids. If Covid is the bathwater, the above bullet points coalesce to form the baby. And we all know what not to throw out. To that end, here are some useful questions to ponder/journal/discuss this weekend.

  1. How has Covid-19 shifted your priorities at work? What should stick?

  2. Which aspects of your work are worse, the same or better in our WFH situation? What are the top three implications for you?

  3. Are you able to get to the non-urgent but important aspects of managing your team? If not, what changes will allow you to?

  4. What changes can you make for May to run more smoothly than April?

  5. Who is supporting you?

  6. How do you Manage By Walking Around (MBWA) in this virtual environment?

For the record, my idea of not working, looks more like this, at this gorgeous spot.

I'd love to know what surfaced for you. Please get in touch.


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