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Quarantine Scavenger Hunt - Music Edition

Yesterday a good friend sent me a picture of a small sign she propped up in front of a tree, just off a path on my daily walking route. She challenged me to find it and follow the instructions. Oh yeah, I thought, let's go! It's been a damn long time since I've been on a scavenger hunt and I'm 100% up for some fun.

Before setting off, grinning from ear to ear, I walked around our home looking for a gift to carry. I rooted though a jar of stones from places I love, and selected a beautiful one to stamp a gold dragonfly on and I wrote the words Covid Gift. I felt such joy as I zipped up my coat and excitedly cranked the music in my ears to begin my mission.

That experience, coupled with the delightful quarantine coffee dates that peppered my calendar this week have prompted this email because those coffee dates definitely made my week! There were people I've never chatted with incredible is that?! There were people who I know well, yet we gained new insights about each other that had nothing to do with these Covid times. And more than once, I agreed to meet up in real life, at their chosen cafe, once restrictions lift.

That was this onto next week.

Stored in our basement are seven grey boxes filled with CD's. I'm not sure when I last listened to any of them. In case you're wondering, we are not packrats. We subscribe to the less is more philosophy in our home :), yet there are CD's.

This morning I went through the boxes and picked out a few that used to be on heavy rotation.

Here's the scavenger hunt part, if you're game.

Option 1: Look through these 25 CD's again and notice which ones, if any, bring a smile to your face, let me know at

Option 2: Go to your own CD/ LP/ Cassette (?) stash and select a bunch that you love, take a picture and send it to me at Or if you'd rather go the digital route, I'd love to see your Apple Music or Spotify playlists.

Option 3: Use this link to book a time in my calendar next week for us to share a few stories wrapped up in our music selections. This week, none of my 15 minute chats were only 15 minutes ...every session ran long so I adjusted the calendar link to 30 minutes. Three cheers for real face to face human connection!

Feel free to forward this email to any friend of yours who is jonesing to play a little right now.


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